Thursday, January 1, 2009

Now you see it...

Now you don't! This is one of the coolest installations we have done to hide a plasma TV. many items you see here are antiques. (not the TV :)) This client wanted a fantastic theater experience but did not want the room to look "tech'd out!" This built-in was constructed by Lone Wolf Builders here in Hawaii Kai. Sliding doors were created to hide the TV when not in use. Notice the painting with the moon in it. Originally it was one piece and the homeowner wanted it to separate to reveal the TV. Bravely, he cut it in half and mounted it to the sliding wall. Notice the speakers over the TV beside the spot lights which illuminate the artwork. All of the electronics in this house, except for the remote control, are hidden in a closet around the corner. With the 2 story ceiling in this room, and the open floor plan, it is hard to say which is more enjoyable here, watching a movie or looking to the right and watching the sunset as it falls behind Diamond Head crater!


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  1. Not bad, but I like my home theater systems a little better :). I really like the equipment rack though!